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Mulch and Firewood - Axetion Tree Services


Axetion Tree Services supplies Melbourne with top grade “bush mulch”. This mulch is a by product of the tree work we carry out.

Spreading mulch over your garden beds, and more importantly underneath the trees, we love is a fantastic way to keep your soil not only hydrated in the hotter months by retaining moisture, but also to preserve the fragile biology that makes the soil healthy and good for plant and tree life to grow.

Axetion Tree Services has a large number of customers that are regularly supplied with our mulch including schools, councils, builders, landscapers etc.

If you would like to purchase our top grade mulch pleaseget in touch and we will contact you with a price including delivery to your door. 



Axetion Tree Services sells firewood as a by-product form the work we carry out.
We have different firewood to suit all budgets including:

  • Dried and split red gum
  • dried and split gum mixtures
  • dried and split mix loads
  • split green (needs drying) gum mixtures
  • split green (needs drying) mix loads
  • unsplit (cut to 1 foot sections) gum mixtures *cheap loads available*
  • unsplit (cut to 1 foot sections) mix loads *cheap loads available*

and we also deliver all of these options to your door.

So to order some of our great firewood please get in touch and we will contact you with a price.

Melbourne Tree Removal and Pruning
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Contact Axetion Tree Services for Melbourne mulch and firewood:

0409 943 013
info@axetiontreeservices.com www.axetiontreeservices.com

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